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Unlocking Brand Potential with Multilingual Marketing

In India, the significance of regional languages in traditional marketing has seamlessly transitioned into the digital landscape. With the exponential growth of the Indic audience and the vast opportunities digital platforms offer, brands are increasingly recognizing the importance of local language messaging in expanding their reach.

While English remains the preferred language among India’s elite, a staggering 90% of the population does not speak English. Research indicates that a majority of Indian internet users trust websites in their preferred Indian language over English ones. As smartphones become more affordable and data more accessible, the digitally transformed India presents an untapped market for brands.

Despite this immense potential, digital media strategies have predominantly focused on urban, English-speaking India. This approach requires a fundamental reassessment. India boasts 22 official languages, along with over 6,000 dialects and 55 languages spoken by over a million people each. This diversity presents a unique opportunity for brands to resonate deeply with local audiences by localizing their messaging.

Why Brands Should Embrace Regional Languages:

The digital advertising landscape in India has witnessed significant growth, with projections indicating substantial increases in digital ad spending by 2023. A considerable portion of this growth is expected to stem from the Indic-speaking audience. Moreover, the expanding purchasing power beyond the upper socioeconomic classes adds to the allure of the Indic market.

Many brand campaigns are executed exclusively in English, potentially alienating non-English-speaking audiences when displayed on Indic websites. This mismatch in communication often leads to lower conversion rates, highlighting the importance of linguistic alignment in marketing campaigns. Utilizing language-specific creatives has shown promising results, leading to increased engagement and conversions across various industries.

Furthermore, the burgeoning online presence of Indian SMBs underscores the need for brands to cater to local markets aggressively. Google’s search reports indicate a surge in demand for local services, particularly in Tier-II cities, surpassing that of metros. Brands can leverage platforms like Times Internet to connect with regional audiences through vernacular advertorials and display ads in local publications.

Large brands have a unique opportunity to thrive in the regional language landscape by tapping into new markets and adapting their offerings to suit local preferences. The Indic-first audience exhibits a strong inclination towards established brands, making it imperative for larger brands to tailor their messaging to resonate with regional audiences effectively.

In conclusion, embracing regional languages in marketing endeavors is essential for brands seeking to unlock untapped markets and forge deeper connections with diverse audiences. By adopting a multilingual approach, brands can position themselves for sustained growth and success in India’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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