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Translation for us is far more than just swapping words from one language to another. ‘Words’ don’t just carry the meaning; they carry the emotions!

TrueTrans, established in 2019, is a professional translation agency based in Bangalore, TrueTrans takes pride in ranking among the leading language solutions providers in the nation. Our mission revolves around facilitating business expansion on a global scale, fostering enduring customer relationships, and enhancing ROI through the medium of Multilingual content.


At TrueTrans, we aspire to a world where language is not a barrier but a means for growth and understanding. With this goal in mind, we empower businesses to connect with global audiences, promoting effective communication that enables our clients to expand their reach, build strong customer relationships, and achieve global success.


Our mission is to deliver accurate, culturally sensitive, and impactful translations that go beyond mere words. We understand that language is more than just a tool for conveying information; it carries the essence of emotions, nuances, and cultural subtleties. By preserving the original meaning and capturing the spirit of the message, we ensure that our clients’ content resonates with their target audience, irrespective of language or culture.


We help you with multilingual content creation and translation, allowing you to:

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From venturing into entrepreneurship with language services to navigating the unknowns of business ownership, our journey has been surreal. Despite the challenges, our commitment to exceeding customer expectations remains unwavering. Our dedication to delivering top-notch translation solutions and unparalleled support ensures our clients’ satisfaction. As we reflect on our progress, we acknowledge there’s still much ground to cover. Looking ahead, we aspire to integrate cutting-edge ai technologies, broaden our language-focused endeavors, and solidify our position as the preferred choice for our clientele, offering an unmatched experience they won’t find elsewhere.

Kumar Raja

Co-founder & MD

Krupalini Prabhakar

Co-founder & Director

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